Wargaming and Frag Lab are Developing an MMO Shooter using Amazon Game Technology

Wargaming and Frag Lab have teamed up to develop what they’re calling a “next-gen F2p MMO shooter.”

Built using Amazon Game Technology, this as yet untitled game, will use Amazon Web Services, Amazon GameLift dedicated servers and the Amazon Lumberyard engine. 

Frag Lab is based in Kiev and is a team who have worked on CrysisBattlefield 2 and Warface. The 125-strong team was founded in 2017 and this project with Wargaming will be its first title. 

Frag Lab’s F2P MMO Shooter

Shahzad Khan, Product Director, Wargaming said of the partnership;

When Frag Lab approached us with their vision of what they wanted to develop, we felt that it perfectly matched our core values, and their passion was palpable. We knew by combining their experience working on a successful shooter with our unrivaled free-to-play expertise, together we could bring this vision to life.

Frag Lab CEO Maxim Dembik said that Wargaming was an “obvious choice” as a publishing partner due to their experience and knowledge. Dembik also said that ” Amazon Lumberyard is the perfect fit for our vision.”

Amazon Game Tech is designed to create games by using the power of Amazon to create tech and connectivity solutions. 

 Brian Taptich, Vice President, Amazon Game Tech said;

Amazon is obsessed with helping game developers be successful at every stage of development, and we’re excited to work with Wargaming and Frag Lab as they build, scale, and operate this new project globally.

Wargaming and Frag Lab are known for high-fidelity, low-latency multiplayer games that are insanely fun, and we can’t wait to see what they build using Amazon Game Tech.

For now, the details of this project remain a secret, but Wargaming and Frag Lab will be making an announcement at a later date.

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