World of Warcraft – Wiccan Beasts and Dinosaurs Oh My!

World of Warcraft has been updated everyone and that means there’s a whole lot of content hitting World of Warcraft servers for us to dissect and explore.

As usual, any Blizzard news or announcement is met with equal parts excitement and anger.

So let’s take a look at what changes have landed and what that means for the game.

New Friends, New Foes

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Probably the most anticipated content release is the inclusion of Kul Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls as the new allied races. It’s such a minor change and it barely impacts the balance of the game but is equally the most anticipated and complained about release in the history of Battle for Azeroth.

There’s a strong feeling amongst the player-base that these allied races should have been included at release back on August 14.

And I have to say I kind of agree with them.

Whilst I’m excited about the new races that we have been fighting alongside for over six months, they were advertised as a major component of the expansion. It’s great to see they are finally here, but Twitter is exploding with cries of “can’t get me to resub for this Blizz” and other salty comments.

Negativity aside, the most exciting thing about the new allied races is the classes available to them. Get ready for every Kul Tiran and Zandalri Troll you meet to be a Druid.

Because have you seen these shapeshift forms? The Trolls turn into dinosaurs and the Kul Tirans shift into spooky Wiccan spirit thingies.

It’s pretty dope either way and I’ll admit, I rolled two new druids this morning just to play with the shapeshifting.

Build ’em Up

Slightly less exciting but no less controversial is the Tools of the Trade update.

Players who have levelled up their crafting skills will be able to undertake special quests. These quests reward players with special crafting implements including mythic tools like the Sanguine Feather Quill for Inscribers or the Khaz’gorian Smithing Hammer that allows blacksmiths to forge indestructible gear.

This update comes at a time when crafting is sort of dead in World of Warcraft. Unless you make enchants, gems or potions for your guild that is.

Outside of building a small network of shared resources with your buddies, there’s no real reason to even bother with it. It’s hard to make a profit, realistically the only people making money from professions are those who gather resources to sell to other people levelling professions.

So, will the new Tools of the Trade update bring life back into crafting? I’m not sure. I don’t want to say it won’t but I’m not sure how it could. Only time will tell, but I’m choosing to set up in the ‘cautiously optimistic’ camp for now.

War is Hell, But it’s easier with Theme Parks

With the War Campaign continuing to progress, the doom clock is fast approaching midnight.

We’ve heard tales and seen leaks of tentacle doom awaiting us. We aren’t here yet but Magni continues to warn against an unseen horror coming to consume Azeroth. To celebrate the ominous sense of doom that all players are sensing, a mini-raid consisting of just two bosses will be released on April 17.

Titled the Crucible of Storms, this mini-raid set to lead into the upcoming major patch known as Rise of Ashzara. Crucible of Storms is not yet available but the foundation has been laid. That being said I would like to offer a preemptive ‘CONGRATS’ to <Method> for their world first kills.

Nothing is slowing these guys down, and I’m sure they will be able to knock over a Mythic Crucible of Storms about 15 minutes after release.

However it’s not all doom and gloom, the Darkmoon Faire has finished construction on a brand new rollercoaster. Yep, that’s right, an actual in-game rollercoaster you can pay in-game currency to ride.

I haven’t had any confirmations onto the ride’s name, but I’m guessing there’s a ‘Mr. Bones Wild Ride’ joke in there somewhere. I mean it’s Blizzard after all and it loves a good meme.

In addition to new rides comes the Wanderer Festival in the lands of Pandaria. As well as something called Free T-Shirt Day. Which sounds pretty awesome and definitely has me intrigued. I’ve maintained my subscription so far because I’m really enjoying Battle for Azeroth still. But is it worth resubbing for if you’ve rage quit the game?

Check back with me in about a month when I get into Crucible wearing my Free T-Shirt.

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