Diablo has been re-released – ‘Ah Refreshed Meat’

Imagine my surprise in a world of Blizzard hate and ‘no-phone’ memes, when I heard a Diablo re-release was happening. Surely not, surely it’s a joke.

Is Blizzard that that desperate?

Well, it turns out, it’s not desperation driving Blizzard to re-release classic games. Just really damn good customer service for its fans.

Diablo Re-Release

Diablo ran like dogshit on a modern PC; it crashed and it froze. It took lots of file editing and most the time if you found a download of the original game it was riddled with viruses.

Blizzard has teamed up with GOG.COM to give you, the fans, the original Diablo experience. Many gamers today haven’t enjoyed the classic dungeon crawl of Diablo first-hand. It’s much slower and much more deadly than Diablo 3.

Gear is much harder to come by, breaks faster and you don’t have as much room to carry things. Oh and the Butcher… I know I mention it every time I talk about Diablo, but he scared me in ways I can’t describe.

The Butcher is Back

It’s always sad to see classics slowly get benched for sequels or new gaming franchises. It’s this passion that is driving Blizzard to work with GOG.COM to bring all those lost experiences back to the player-base.

At an affordable price. The Diablo re-release will run you $13.79 AUD for a digital copy. And everything looks exactly how I remember it. 20 frames per second and an authentic old-school B.Net lobby.

If all that wasn’t enough to entice you, Blizzard has confirmed it is continuing to work with GOG.COM to bring Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II to the digital shopfront.

You can pick up a copy of Diablo, ready to go for Windows 10 from GOG.COM.

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