HyperX Pulsefire Core Review – Big Quality, Not Price

Chances are if you’ve watched a stream or been following esports, you’ve heard of HyperX. Designing PC parts and accessories exclusively for gamers, HyperX has signed some of the biggest names in gaming and music production.

With its ambassadors including the likes of Shroud and Post Malone, as well as sponsoring almost every major esports event, HyperX is proving they mean business.

But is HyperX gear any good? Let’s find out about the Pulsefire Core mouse.

Functional, Flashy and Affordable

I’ve had about a week now with the HyperX Pulsefire Core, putting it through its paces with a variety of titles and gaming genres.

First of all, I have to comment on how it ‘feels’ in your hand as it skates across the mousepad.  And that is to say, it feels pretty good. I’ve found there are typically growing pains with a new mouse, as it feels awkward moving away from your previous setup.

Not the case with the Pulsefire Core. Opting for symmetric design means there’s no unusual bumps or grooves to settle into.

It just feels like a gaming mouse.

It does feature a few extra buttons and some flash RGB lighting with a braided USB 2.0 cable, but that’s what you’d expect in a quality gaming mouse. However, the HyperX Pulsefire Core doesn’t come at the usual high price.

I enjoy how the Pulsefire Core feels in my hand, but wish that it weighed a little more. Many gaming mouses on the market have customisable weights. This lets the user get an optimal weight distribution for your sensitive and gaming style.

That’s mostly because I’m a super high sense player; I invert too, don’t judge me.

Whilst I was easily able to adapt to the Pulsefire Core, I would have much preferred a heavier mouse. Additionally, the option to customise the Pulsefire Core’s weight would have been a huge tick in the plus column. It’s featherlight at 87 grams, but that’s a small gripe in what has been a rather flawless experience. The braided cord is durable, yet not so bulky as to be difficult when trying to fit into a mouse bungee.

Plug, Play and Personalise

Perhaps the biggest winning feature of the Pulsefire Core isn’t actually on the mouse at all. The easy to use customisation of the free HyperX Ngenuity software is brilliant. It’s so easy to use I actually got my own mother to set my mouse and keyboard colour patterns.

With some simple guidance and assurance, she wasn’t going to make the computer explode, Mum was able to set the lighting to cool lime green and bind my overwatch melee key to the thumb button. So if she can understand it, anyone can.

Custom DPI sensitivity and button macros may seem like nonsense to some users. But for some gamers, it’s a vital feature when considering a new mouse. It’s good to see HyperX not shy away from including these features on their cheaper ‘entry level’ gaming mouse.

Final Thoughts

The Pulsefire Core is one of the smoothest rides I’ve had in a while.

A big factor for that is the large surface mouse skates. Now a lot of you may be thinking I just made that up, but I swear it’s a real thing. The smooth polished surfaces of the mouse that actually ‘skate’ along the mousepad don’t drag, catch or scrape at all. 

A gentle smooth ride that when combined with the Pixart 3327 optical sensor kept my crosshair squarely on a baddies head every time.

The programmable buttons are placed well and receptive, but there just isn’t enough of them. It seems unreasonable for me to expect more out of the Pulsefire Core. Especially considering the amazing entry-level price, but if it had just a couple more thumb buttons it would be my new main mouse. 

While it lacks the number of buttons I need to play World of Warcraft, it is now my dedicated Overwatch and Apex Legends mouse. 

This HyperX Pulsefire Core review was based on a unit provided to PowerUp! by HyperX.

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