Fire Emblem Three Houses looks like it takes place at Hogwarts

Fans finally got a better look at Fire Emblem Three Houses and it certainly looks interesting. The Three Houses part of the title isn’t just a name as it literally refers to the three noble houses that form part of the Officer’s Academy.

Looking like a Fire Emblem version of Hogwarts, the Officer’s Academy trains students in the art of war. They learn about weapons, magic and special skills as the player takes on the role of a professor. 

Being the professor means controlling the flow of battle in Fire Emblem’s signature grid-based combat.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

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Fire Emblem Three Houses is the first console release for the series since Radiant Dawn on Wii in 2007. Players take on the role of Byleth while teaching three, star pupils; Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. The Officer’s Academy is located at the very centre of the continent of Fódlan. Three nations, Adrestian Empire, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance meet at the centre and each shares the Officer’s Academy. 

According to Nintendo’s description;

The Black Eagles. The Blue Lions. The Golden Deer. Three noble houses that are part of the Officer’s Academy, an elite facility that trains students in the ways of weapons, magic and special skills. As a professor, the player must choose one of these houses to lead its students in grid-based battles with life-or-death stakes.

Each house is comprised of many different students to meet and train, each with her or his own personality and skills. These students can interact with each other at the academy, strengthening their bonds and supporting each other on the battlefield.

Fire Emblem Three Houses will be exclusive to Switch on July 26, 2019.

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