World of Tanks adds wheeled vehicles to the mix

World of Tanks has added French, wheeled vehicles in a huge shakeup to the established game and meta. 

These wheeled vehicles bring an all-new role to gameplay in World of Tanks, creating opportunities for active scouting. Wheeled vehicles lack the firepower of their tank brothers, but come with incredibly good camouflage to help them sneak into place.

Froom Tier VI, players can research these French vehicles after having unlocked the tracked Tier V AMX ELC bis.

World of Tanks Wheeled Vehicles

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The World of Tanks wheeled vehicles available now are;

  • AMD Panhard 178B, Tier VI
  • Hotchkiss EBR, Tier VII
  • AML Lynx 6×6, Tier VIII
  • Panhard EBR 90 (mle. 64), Tier IX
  • Panhard EBR 105, Tier X

In addition, the wheeled vehicles add two brand-new mechanics that are unique, lock-on and two distinct driving modes; Drive and Default. As wheeled vehicles are much faster, auto-aim would be much tricker so lock-on simplifies matters and is unlocked with AMD Panhard 178B. 

The two Driving Modes are unlocked with the AML Lynx 6×6 and offers the following;

  • Drive will allow extreme speed, but sacrifices handling
  • Default allows for better maneuverability, but less pace

Maxim Chuvalov, Publishing Director, World of Tanks said, “We’re looking forward to releasing the French wheeled vehicles onto the live server with Update 1.4. By adding them, we hope players will like the new range of vehicles and enjoy mastering the new gameplay role on the battlefield.”

World of Tanks is available now for PC.

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