Nintendo is teasing the Final Fantasy VII release for Switch

[UPDATE] – A previous version of this post indicated that Final Fantasy VII was being teased even though it had already been announced.

In a new commercial for the Switch in North America, Nintendo is teasing the announced port of the original Final Fantasy VII. In the short 30-second clip (below) you can see a businessman on a flight pull out his Switch and start playing Final Fantasy VII

You can clearly see a battle sequence, Cloud and more. A Final Fantasy VII Switch port was announced in 2018. Being featured in this commercial is a strong suggestion that a port is on the way soon.

It would be incredibly strange for Nintendo to feature the game in a commercial and not release it sometime soon.

Final Fantasy VII Switch

Final Fantasy VII was originally planned to be released for Nintendo 64 but was moved to PlayStation after Nintendo chose to stick with cartridges over optical media. Square Enix (Square back then) needed additional storage space for the many pre-rendered cutscenes in the game.

A remake of Final Fantasy VII is in development, though it hasn’t gone smoothly thus far and a release is likely still many years away.

Who’d play Final Fantasy VII on Switch?


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