The Division 2 Beta includes multiple missions, difficulty settings and more

Ubisoft revealed details on The Division 2 beta scheduled to take place in February. Players who take part in the beta will be able to tackle multiple missions, easy, normal and had difficulty settings, Dark Zone combat and PvP in Skirmish mode. 

As players dive into The Division 2’s beta, they’ll first need to establish a base of operations in at the most prestigious address in D.C.; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Otherwise known as The White House.

After establishing the base, players will be able to begin their beta experience in earnest. Ubisoft is promising that players will be able to experience endgame content in the beta in addition to main missions, side missions and PvP.

The Division 2 Beta

Two main missions will be open to beta players; Grand Washington Hotel and Jefferson Trade Center. Open-world content gives players five side missions to tackle as well as multiple control points and associated activities. 

The Division players who enjoy PvP will be happy to learn that one Dark Zone (East) will be available, as will the 4v4 Skirmish mode. 

Finally, the promised endgame content will open at 3 am AEDT, February 9. Players will be able to take part in one invaded missions and three specialisations. The level cap will be 30 in the beta and players will be able to experience content up to that level.

The beta kicks off at 8 pm AEDT, February 7, 2019. Pre-loading is available from 8 pm, February 6. Players can gain access to the beta by pre-ordering The Division 2.

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