Episode Two of Metro Exodus’ Making of Documentary focuses on the 4A Engine

The three-part documentary series featuring the Metro Exodus making of has just had its second episode released. Focusing on the proprietary 4A engine powering Metro Exodus, episode two just what the engine is capable of.

In addition, episode two also does a deep dive on the weaponry of Metro Exodus.

You can find more information on the weaponry of Metro Exodus here.  

Metro Exodus Episode Two

Lead Game Designer Viacheslav Aristov explains how 4A Games has used the engine to create a truly living world;

Metro is a really good-looking game. Everyone is very excited about the pipeline and the technical ability or capacity of our engine. This beauty on the screen looks absolutely amazing.

It’s quite magical.

From a gamer point of view, I like that I feel that I’m looking at something believable. I feel that quite a lot when I’m playing. Especially in the Bridge, where you’re running through the melting snow and there are these little puddles, and the muddy surface – you believe it, it’s tactile, it’s real.

Metro has a specific look. There’s sort of a grimy post-apocalyptic world. It’s not shiny, it’s dirty. The weapons are…they’re grubby, they’re rusty. Weapons look like they’ve been salvaged from a specific area in that world.

We had several rules established that helped us to define the visuals and the mechanical part of that being as physically accurate as possible. We are kind of proud of mechanical accuracies all over the game.

Players will get a better look at Metro Exodus when episode three of the making of releases in February. 

Metro Exodus will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 15, 2019.

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