The Fortnite Summer Smash is coming to the Australian Open

The biggest game in the world is teaming up with one of the biggest sporting events in Australia. The Fortnite Summer Smash will take place at 2019 Australian Open and will see some of the best Fortnite players and gaming personalities in Australia competing in a ProAm duos tournament.

Running from January 26 through 27, the Summer Smash is set during the finals weekend of the Australian Open.

The 100 players taking part in the Fortnite Summer Smash at the Australian Open 2019 will include;

  • Loserfruit
  • Lachlan
  • Muselk
  • MrFreshAsian

Other competitors will be drawn from sports, entertainment and gaming.

Fortnite Summer Smash Australian Open

A record $500,000 in combined prize money and donations are up for grabs at the Fortnite Summer Smash and fans can get in on the action by competing in on-site qualifying matches on January 26. 

Winners of the Saturday qualifiers will proceed to the Sunday finals. According to the Australian Open website;

The first 500 eligible players to register online will be invited to compete in one of 5 heats at Margaret Court Arena on Saturday 26th of January 2019. Each heat will consist of two matches, with the top 20 from each heat progressing to a 6 match Grand Finals event a day later.

A 3 match charity Pro-AM duos event will be held after after the solos, and features some of Australia’s best players from gaming and entertainment.

Tickets for the Sunday finals cost $5 for kids 3-14 and $49 for a Ground Pass Ticket for adults.

Australian Open Tournament Director Craig Tiley said; 

Fortnite is a global phenomenon, and we’re excited to host the Grand Slam of competitive gaming events at the Australian Open in January.

The Fortnite Summer Smash at the Australian Open will see some of the best gamers from around the country do battle just hours before the world’s best male tennis players compete for the AO title.

Loserfruit is excited to play her current favourite game at the home of her “childhood favourite game.” Giving advice to any prospective players, she said;

Anyone who thinks they have a chance should enter. I know a lot of OC [Oceania] players who think they are the best and this is the time for them to prove that they are the best and they can make it.

The Fortnite Summer Smash will award points at each stage as follows;

  • Victory Royale: +3 Points
  • 2nd-3rd Place: +2 Points
  • 4th-10th Place: +1 Point
  • 3-4 Eliminations: +1 Point
  • 5-6 Eliminations: +2 Points
  • 7+ Eliminations: +3 Points

The prize pool is split as follows;

  • Solos:
    • 1st place        $100,000
    • 2nd-3rd place        $50,000
    • 4th-6th place        $25,000
    • 7th-10th place        $5,000
    • 11th-15th place    $3,000
    • 16th-20th place     $2,000
    • 21st-100th place     $1,000
  • Duos:
    • 1st place        $50,000
    • 2nd-3rd place        $20,000
    • 4th place        $10,000

All prize money in the duos event is to be donated to the charity of the winner’s choice.

Event organiser Mark Riedy said of the Fortnite Summer Smash;

We’re really excited to host an event of this size at the Australian Open. The Fortnite Summer Smash is open to gamers across Australia to take part in and everyone is encouraged to sign up online for the chance to be one of 500 lucky players competing for $400,000 of prize money in the solos tournament.

The Fortnite Summer Smash will take place at the Australian Open on January 26-27.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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