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For Honor Year 3 Commences This Month

For Honor Year 3 Commences This Month

Last month, Ubisoft revealed its plans for For Honor Year 3. Dubbed the Year of the Harbinger, For Honor Year 3 will be broken up into four seasonal updates and will feature new heroes, maps and in-game events.

Releasing alongside Year 3 will be the Year 3 Pass which players can purchase in order to gain early access to the new content coming to the game. Players who opt not to pay for the pass, all new in-game heroes will be purchasable with Steel at a price of 15,000 each.

The For Honor Year 3 Pass will also grant access to;

  • five Scavenger Crates
  • 30 days of Champion Status
  • a special “Thunderbolt and Frightening effect”

For Honor Year 3

The first season of Year 3, Vortiger, commences on January 31 and will feature a new Knight Hero and a new map. The roadmap above gives a rough outline of the content plans for Year 3 with each faction receiving a new hero in 2019.

If you’re a fan of the Wu-Lin, you’ve got a long wait, unfortunately. 

The Marching Fire expansion was released late last year and For Honor now has seen over 15 million players, dedicated servers introduced, a new PvE mode and story campaign.

For Honor is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.