Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek Review – Oh brother!

Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek is a fun and yet infuriating game. It takes place in the imagination of a small girl, her psyche warping the house you’re in into some adventurous wonderland.

You’re playing ‘hide and seek’ with your brother, however, it’s not as simple as just hiding and waiting it out.

You’re tasked with finding things in each level and depositing them in a cage whilst avoiding him. Each additional thing you find and add will add time onto a clock and when you find enough objects and accrue enough time you pass the level.

Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek Review

The kids in Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek are the children of the neighbour from the first game. Set in a time when he wasn’t such a grumpy old bloke and a much more caring and fun vibe come across.

As the story unfolds things take on a much darker and more serious tone as a loss in the family affects both children and parents. The way the simple and yet powerful cutscenes tie this together is wonderful.

Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek sets up the ultimate mood in Hello Neighbor. Without giving anything away I found my self shocked at many story beats in Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek.

Count to 100

There is no real tutorial and no instructions on what to do or how to play.

While this is annoying, it’s like real life and you will need to experiment to figure things out. There are a multitude of things in each level and some very clever combinations to working out puzzles and the mechanics behind each level.

There is a hint toggle in the options menu. With this turned on if you take too long a small cutscene will play and your brother will place a sticky note with an arrow on it pointing to the items you need.

These sticky notes don’t give you too much help though. They just offer a general location for the object. You’ll still need to work out a way to get to each of these.

Many times I would give up on a prize only to realise later that I needed to get to another one first.

Stay Hidden

While you’re trying to collect each level’s objects your brother is trying to find you. He will just wander around much like his father in the first game. When you make loud noises or walk into his field of vision he will actively chase you requiring you to hide.

There are different places to hide in each level. The only issue I found with the way hiding works is that your brother can be less than an inch from you and about to capture you yet using the hiding location means he’s got no clue where you are.

It’s good for getting away but feels cheap.

The sound effects in Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek are much like the previous game which works very well with the cartoon-like graphics. The music provides great background audio and isn’t too over the top.

Anyone who enjoyed the first game in the series will love this prequel and I recommend it highly. 

Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek was reviewed on PC using a digital code provided by the developer.

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