Moving Out is an 80s-themed chaotic co-op game from Australian SMG Studio

Announced during the Kinda Funny Game’s Showcase, Moving Out is the next game from Australian indie developer SMG Studio. Known for Death Squared, SMG Studio’s next game is an 80’s themed co-op take on moving house.

I know what you’re thinking, moving home is one of the least fun things someone can do, however, Moving Out is absolute chaos and looks like all sorts of fun.

Players will join the Smooth Move company ” and take on bizarre jobs like making deliveries to haunted houses, unloading cargo off moving planes, smuggling giraffes from the zoo, and picking up freight in outer space.”

Moving Out Game

On your first day on the job, you’ll learn how to become a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician (F.A.R.T). Unlike in real life, players can get the job done in any way possible. 

Loading up your truck can mean knocking down walls, using portals, ray guns and simply tossing items around. There are over 50 levels of insane moving action in Moving Out for players to tackle in either solo or co-op.

Players can play locally or online and levels will dynamically change difficulty based on how many players are participating.

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According to Ash Ringrose, founder, SMG Studio;

Moving Out offers a wonderfully weird take on the world of movers.

We’re creating a wacky, irreverent co-op experience that allows players to tackle problems how they see fit in a lighthearted sandbox. Expect a dash of dark humor also!

Moving Out is coming to PC and consoles in 2019.

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