Leaked Destiny 2 Forsaken Black Armory video reveals huge plot twist

It seems impossible to hide anything on the internet these days and a recent leak from Destiny 2 files has surfaced revealing a huge plot twist of M. Night Shylaman proportions.

Black Armory goes live today and brings with it new exotics, activities and a raid that will keep players busy for months to come. But this leaked video shows that the events set in motion during Forsaken are far from over.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Leak

{Spoiler alert. Here there be dragons }

The video starts in a homage to Destiny 1, with a Ghost searching for a new guardian. Only this time, the Ghost is in the Dreaming City. We see a draped body on a ceremonial pavilion and which the Ghost proceeds to reanimate.

The person sits up in a start and is revealed to be none other than Uldren Sov!


When Bungie went and killed off everybody’s favourite hunter, Cayde-6, the Destinyverse was in shock. We traversed the galaxy to exact our revenge and bring teach Uldren the principle of an eye for an eye.

I’m personally disturbed by this twist. Uldren Sov has always been a douchebag in my opinion and having him kill Cayde-6 was the perfect excuse for me to erase him with extreme prejudice.

But now, bringing him back as nothing less than an immortal Guardian is a huge slap to the face. There’s a couple of reasons why;

  • First, it’s Uldren Sov. He’s a douche and we relished hunting and killing him down for a reason.
  • Second, if you remember Cayde’s last will and testament, he clearly said that whoever kills him inherits the Ace of Spades. Wait, what? Does that mean we legally have to give the Ace back to Uldren now?
  • Third, the will states that Cayde’s place in the Vanguard must be taken up by his killer. Failsafe is right when she says Cayde isn’t all that smart. Zavala will turn an unhealthy shade of lilac and don’t even get me started on how Ikora will never, ever, let this stand.
  • Fourth, Uldren will inherit all of Cayde’s debts so…at least there’s some justice served there. 

Image result for cayde 6 last will

Possibly the most interesting thing about all this is that resurrected Guardians have no recollection of their former life. So Uldren won’t know why everyone hates him and is trying to kill him. Unless of course, his new Ghost friend tells him.

This is so poetic and Bungie are absolutely genius to bring Uldren back this way. Only time will tell if this bet pays off. So many questions arise.

Image result for uldren sov
Uldren Sov, the newest Hunter Guardian?

Is this going to be a story of redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation? Will we seeing Uldren in the Tower as a vendor? Or will he hang out on the reef with Spider? Or maybe he will be the resident Guardian of the Dreaming City with Petra Venj. 

Could Uldren be the new Hunter Vanguard?

So juicy.

Black Armory drops today so we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

How do you feel about Uldren Sov as a Guardian? Hit us up in the comments.

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