Home News Rainbow 6 Siege Operation Wind Bastion is set to shake up the meta

Rainbow 6 Siege Operation Wind Bastion is set to shake up the meta

Rainbow 6 Siege Operation Wind Bastion is set to shake up the meta

Rainbow 6 Siege has proven it is here to stay as an esports title. Newly announced expansion Operation Wind Bastion only serves to reinforce that, as do the multitude of other announcements coming from Ubisoft.

The publisher has announced its partnership with HyperX in full support of the growing Pro scene and has two major events coming up; the Siege invitational next February and Siege Major middle 2019.

Rainbow 6 Siege is showing no sign of slowing down its march towards a fully supported esports title to rival that of Counter-Strike and League of Legends.

Operation Wind Bastion

With continued support from sponsors and publisher Ubisoft, the highly tactical shooter promises more content like maps and operators as well as bigger events and more prize money. The competition is getting fiercer with each passing tournament and it could be you that is the next big thing in the Siege scene. 

In alignment with this ongoing support comes the announcement and reveal of Operation Wind Bastion, focusing on Moroccan Special Forces known as the GIGR; Groupe d’Intervention de La Gendarmerie Royale.

With two new operators on the scene, Kaid and Nomad, the meta is set to shift again as teams adapt to the new playstyles available to them. In addition to the new operators is a new map called Fortress.

Check out the walkthrough trailer below and as always there’s a bunch of new weapon skins, pro team headgear skins as well as balance tweaks to existing operators.

Wind Bastion Operators

Let’s have a look at Kaid; Defender and Captain of the Moroccan Counter-Terrorist forces.

Kaid believes that over-reliance on technology is an Operator’s downfall. Alluding to this skills, as he is a bit more old-school with deployable gear and something Kaid calls an ‘Electroclaw’. He is a lumbering slow hulk of a man, decked in heavy armour.

He has weapon options of a bullpup AUG A3 or a semi-automatic magazine fed shotgun. Kaid’s Electroclaw can electrify reinforced walls and hatches, with three of these at his disposal they are sure to slow down the enemies breaching attempts. It deals a meagre 15 damage to enemies so don’t expect it to do more than slow their progress.

Along with Kaid comes Nomad, under his command. She is a well-rounded attacker with access to the usual breaching and stun grenade gadgets available to attackers. Arming herself with either an AK-74M or ARX200, she can deliver high powered precision fire and will be popular amongst players who like a good old assault rifle.

Balancing speed and armour, her primary gadget is called an air jab launcher. A non-lethal grenade launcher designed to batter the enemy with airburst rounds, controlling the battlefield and stunning a certain defensive shield carrier so her team can breach safely.

With dozens of balance tweaks, a UI and home-screen update as well as the new map Fortress, there’s enough new content to appease even the saltiest old Siege veterans. A shuffle in the ranked map pool is well received as well, choosing only to focus on the most fun and balanced maps.

Operation Wind Bastion is set to release mid-December, stay tuned for more details.