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Overwatch Contenders Season 3 has begun

Overwatch Contenders Season 3 has begun

With all the hype for the upcoming Season 2 of the Overwatch League, you’d be forgiven for missing the Overwatch action at home. Overwatch Contenders Season 3 has kicked off in Australia as local teams push for their chance at fame.

Each time will be fighting for their opportunity to get noticed or by an OWL organisation and earn a spot on their roster. Back-to-back champions Sydney Drop Bears secured their Season 2 first place at Melbourne Esports Open in September.

With new teams signing on or changing organisations, they will need to fight hard to maintain their hold on the Australia Overwatch scene.

Overwatch Contenders Season 2

Blank Esports, formerly the Australian World Cup Team of 2017, is returning to the Contenders league, albeit with a changed roster. Former captain RQT who was coaching the Drop Bears, as well as 2018’s Australian World Cup squad, has moved to Melbourne Order.

It’s clear that the squads have been recruiting and hustling hard for their shot at glory.

You can view all of the games on the official Contenders Twitch, so be sure to tune in and cheer on your team. The full team list can be seen below, with representation all over the nation as well as a few international players.

With lots of hero tweaks since last season, competitors will need to overcome and adapt. Pharah, McCree, Soldier 76, Orisa, Brigette and Torbjörn have all undergone substantial changes that will make Overwatch Contenders Season 3 a different game.

How will this impact their team comps?

Well we can only wait and see. The map pool is as follows and includes Busan which we know has not been a favourite for Australian teams.

  • Control: Busan, Ilios, Lijiang Tower
  • Hybrid: Hollywood, Numbani
  • Assault: Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony
  • Escort: Dorado, Route 66
  • Tiebreaker: Nepal

The inclusion of Nepal as a Tiebreaker, again not a favourite of Australian teams, will surely lead to some hard-fought games and upsets this season.

Catch all of the announcements and news on the official Path to Pro Twitter. Show the local squads some love and support.

As Australian Esports continues to grow leagues like this help the wider audience see the games we love as a serious competitive activity.

I’ll be screaming for Melbourne ORDER, which team has your support?