FF14 Shadowbringers is the MMO’s next big expansion

Celebrating five years of growth and a player base of fourteen million, Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. FF14 Shadowbringers is the next great chapter in the online story of Final Fantasy and it’s coming soon.

Let’s take some time to take a look at some of the new features of the upcoming expansion; Shadowbringers.

With a teaser trailer released last week, along with some game information, there isn’t a huge amount of detail available at this point in time. But as announcements unfold we will be sure to bring you more detail and footage.

FF14 Shadowbringers

Perhaps the most exciting announcement is the addition of the Blue Mage, something players have been looking forward to for some time now.

To be able to play a Blue Mage, players will be required to have completed a few things such as reaching level 50 in Disciple of War or Magic.

Heavily influenced and inspired by previous versions of the Blue Mage featured in single player Final Fantasy games, the job will be starting at level 50 and increase as new content is made available.

The Blue Mage in FF14 Shadowbringers is clearly aimed at veterans of the game with a ‘hero’ level character.

In addition to the Blue Mage, it’s reported there will be a new level cap, new race options, multiple new job paths and crafting options, new zones and a number of new systems unique to the Shadowbringers expansion.

Some of these features were revealed last week and include:

  • NPC “Trust” System – Players will build relationships and be able to fight alongside NPCs.
  • New Game+ Feature – Allowing players to replay main scenario stories, either with lower level friends or at a higher difficulty for greater reward.
  • World Visit System – Catch up with your buddies on another server, interact with more players than ever before. 

This dark new chapter in the Final Fantasy XIV legacy looks to combine beautifully crafted zones with terrifying new foes, as players learn deadly new abilities in their never-ending quest safety of the realm and to collect loot.

Jamie Sherlock
Jamie Sherlock
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