How Spirits and Loa are bringing big changes to Hearthstone

Spirits and Loa are unleashed in the upcoming Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion for Hearthstone. With a focus on the Zandalari Trolls, each class will now have a ‘team’ identity as the Loa choose sides.

These identities are themed around gladiatorial combat, earning favour from the ancestors and the Voodoo gods known as Loa. Each class is getting their own team logo and colours, rare spirit cards as well as Legendary Loa.

Whenever players choose a class, they’ll now also be choosing which team they represent, which Legendary Loa they can call upon and which spirits will assist them.

Hearthstone Loa Spirits

The team for each class is as follows;

  • Akali’s Rhinos – Warrior
  • Bwonsamdi’s Zombies – Priest
  • Gonk’s Raptors – Druid
  • Gral’s Sharks – Rogue
  • Halazzi’s Lynxes – HuntersHir’eek’s Bats – Warlock
  • Jan’alai’s Dragonhawks – Mage
  • Krag’Wa’s Frogs – Shaman
  • Shirvallahs Tigers – Paladin 

Blizzard’s Dave Kosak gave fans a look at some of these new Loa and Spirit cards in a Hearthside chat. The two cards revealed are from the Priest class.

First is Spirit of the Dead.

A 0/3 minion with stealth, Spirit of the Dead creates a 1-cost copy of any friendly minion that dies and shuffles it into your deck. Not a beat-stick at all, pure utility.

On the surface it seems a way to recycle useful creatures, having another chance to play them after they were hexed/polymorphed/nuked into oblivion. Expect these spirits to draw some real direct damage hate from your opponent, if they are smart they will try to nuke them as soon as possible.

But it has a great synergy with the Loa of Priests, as we will soon see.

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Bwonsamdi, Loa of the Dead and guardian of the spirits of the dead is a beast. It’s no surprise then that his Battlecry allows you to draw 1 cost minions until your hand is full.

With Bwonsamdi you can flood the board with high attack, high health minions to withstand your opponent’s flailing retaliation. Of course, this combo isn’t easy to land, with 135 new cards arriving on December 5 as part of Rastakhan’s Rumble. Everyone will be doing their best to rip and tear to climb their way to the top.

Log in on release day to claim your free Legendary Loa, two Spirit cards and six free packs of Rastakhan’s Rumble.

You can see more card reveals, VODs and examples of play on the official Hearthstone Twitch. And if like me, you’re eager to get your hands on a bunch of card packs for a good value price, then consider preordering Rastakhan’s Rumble.

The 17-pack Challenger pack is available for $26.95 AUD and the 50-pack Rumble Bundle for $66.95 AUD. The latter also includes King Rastakhan as a limited edition Shaman Hero portrait.

Pledge your allegiance to your chosen Loa and prepare to enter the arena of Rastakhan’s Rumble. Will you be playing a different hero this season or sticking with an old faithful? How do you choose your new deck?

I’m thinking of Rogue because I love sharks but I’m keen to hear what you will be playing.

Let us know your deck builds and how your climb of the ladder is going on Twitter, and don’t forget to follow Hearthstone official for more news and announcements

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