Sean Bean is now available to be killed in Hitman 2

As promised, Hitman 2 is serving up Sean Bean as the first elusive target in the game. Dubbed ‘The Undying’, Bean is now live and available to be assassinated in Miami.

Playing an MI5 agent turned assassin named Mark Farba, Bean’s characters is known as ‘The Undying’ due to his ability to fake his own death and slip away unscathed. 

The ICA has put a huge bounty on the head of Farba and Agent 47 has one chance to stop him during the Global Innovation Race held in Miami.

Hitman 2 Sean Bean

From today (November 20) through December 4, players will be able to attempt to assassinate ‘The Undying,’ but like all Elusive Targets, will have only one chance. 

Those who play the mission and complete the Explosive Penmanship challenge will unlock the fan-selected Explosive Pen.

According to IO;

The Explosive Pen is a non-illegal item that can be freely carried by Agent 47. It can be locked on to a target and thrown for a lethal kill and will explode shortly after with a powerful blast. It can also be throw to the ground before exploding. If you want, you can also conceal it inside a briefcase.

Hitman 2 is available now. Look for our review soon.

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