Pokémon Let’s GO – How to get Charmander

Pokémon Let’s GO, both Pikachu and Eevee are basically remakes of Pokémon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. However, there are some key differences. Like Pokémon Yellow, instead of choosing between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle for your starter Pokémon, you’re given either Eevee or Pikachu, depending on your version of the game.

That doesn’t mean that the three original starter Pokémon aren’t in Pokémon Let’s GO. In fact, each of them is readily available in the game and pretty easy to collect. 

The first you’ll encounter is Charmander and this short guide will let you know how to add Charmander to your collection.

Pokémon Let’s GO Charmander

When you arrive at Cerulean City, you will have earned the Boulder Badge from Brock at Pewter City Gym and you will have made your way through Viridian Forest and Mt Moon. Having come this far, you will have encountered lots of Pokémon on the way and will hopefully have also caught plenty too.

In Pokémon Let’s GO Charmander is located in Cerulean City, with a trainer who doesn’t think he’s up to the task of looking after the feisty fire breather. Instead, he will ask you to look after Charmander for him, but only if you’ve caught enough Pokémon.

By the time I had arrived, I had caught 37, which should be easy enough to achieve if you catch plenty of Pokémon along your journey.

How to – Pokemon Let’s GO Charmander

To find the man who will gift you your Charmander, head north out of Cerulean City, towards Route 24 and the Pokémaniac Bill’s house. You’ll need to cross the Nugget Bridge which will see you facing off against five trainers before a Team Rocket Grunt challenges you to a final battle.

After you defeat all of the trainers and the Team Rocket Grunt, head further north then west. You should see the man in the image above, standing with a Charmander.

All you need to do is speak to the man and if you’ve collected enough Pokémon, Charmander is yours. Easy right? 

Pokémon Let’s GO Eevee was provided to PowerUp! along with a Pokéball Plus by Nintendo.

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