Yo Kai Watch 3 launches for 3DS this December

Nintendo has announced that Yo Kai Watch 3 will be launching for 3DS in Australia and New Zealand just in time for Christmas. Yo Kai Watch 3 stars Nate and Hailey Anne as they work to solve the mysterious happening in their towns.

Both Yo Kai Watch and Yo Kai Watch 2 were hugely successful in Australia and New Zealand and the new game means more Yo Kai Watch action for fans to enjoy. 

Yo Kai Watch will include all-new Yo Kai, an upgraded battle system, new town and brand new Yo Kai Watch Model U.

Yo Kai Watch 3

In Yo Kai Watch 3 players will play as both Nate and Hailey Anne as they go about their separate adventures;

One day, FBY agents and hilarious duo, Blunder and Folly, come knocking at Nate’s door asking if he’s aware of the UFO which recently crash-landed in the area.

Unable to help, Nate sets off to investigate with his beloved friends, Whisper andJibanyan, and finds himself getting caught up into an assortment of exciting adventures, while meeting with a cast of bothersome, friendly and quirky Yo-kai along the way.

Meanwhile, back in Springdale, a geeky detective wannabe, Hailey Anne Thomas, gets more than she bargained for after trying to hunt down a limited-edition character figure.

After entering a shop with high hopes, a mysterious voice entices her to purchase a Yo-kai Watch Model U.

Once Hailey Anne discovers the voice belongs to a Yo-kai named Usapyon and understands why he was so eager for her to buy the Yo-kai Watch Model U, they join forces, inspiring Hailey Anne to open a detective agency to solve the troubles of Springdale.

Like with other titles in the series, players will be able to complete missions, collect Yo Kai and do side quests; favours and requests.

The updated battle system is entirely different from other Yo Kai Watch games. Players need to place their Yo Kai on a 3×3 grid. Yo Kai at the front will use stronger attacks and protect those behind them 

Players will also be able to link Yo Kai abilities by placing them near one another. 

Yo Kai Watch 3 launches for 3DS on December 8.

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