Void Bastards is coming to PC and Xbox One from ex-BioShock talent

At Xbox X018, indie title Void Bastards was announced for PC and Xbox One. Developed by Blue Manchu, Void Bastards is being created by ex-Irrational Games staff, Jonathan Chey especially, who served as director of System Shock 2 and BioShock.

Oh, and he also co-founded Irrational Games. 

So there’s some pedigree here. 

Essentially a strategy, survival shooter, Void Bastards tasks players with leading a group of prisoners on the Void Ark through the spaceship and other dangers present in the Sargasso Nebula. 

Void Bastards

Featuring a cel-shaded comic book style, Void Bastards looks like a comic book — Saga perhaps — come to life. According to the developer, players will need to make important decisions throughout the title and will need to delegate crew members to take care of myriad jobs that crop up.

There will be combat of course, however, in Void Bastards players will need to decide when to fight and when to flee. Players will also need to switch between two very distinct sets of gameplay. In a trailer breakdown posted on Twitter, Jarrad Woods explains a bit more about Void Bastards.

Void Bastards gameplay alternates between two tightly interwoven games: The turn based star map where you dodge threats and plot a course based on resources and locational opportunities, and first person thinkyshoots.

According to Woods, the game plays out as two distinct experiences that are connected and tied together. Additionally, he describes that game as a strategy shooter and also references Pac-Man as a source of inspiration.

When you head into a first person area you get to take one firearm, one indirect thingy, and a device. I wanted to reduce it to two slots because I play too many EDF games, but Jon said no. He was probably right. Maybe we’ll add an achievement for only using two.

For his full breakdown, check out the tweet thread below.

Headquartered in Australia, Blu Manchu “is an indie team of industry vets dedicated to making unusual, original games that always have a strategic twist.”

Void Bastards will launch as an Xbox One console exclusive and will also be available for PC.

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