BlizzCon 2018 – Ashe is Hero 29 but who is Hero 30?

A stunning eight-minute Overwatch cinematic featuring our favourite robo-cowboy has made its debut at Blizzcon 2018.

As McCree sits in the diner of Route 66 eating apple pie, a train approaches on an overhead rail. A deafening boom erupts, and the train comes crashing down. This sets the scene that all Overwatch players are familiar with as the attacking spawn point for Route 66; complete with derailed train cars and spilt cargo.

Blizzard’s timing couldn’t have been better, as I suspect my Overwatch account has been jealously watching me pour hours into Red Dead Redemption 2. With an amazing soundtrack and a slice of Overwatch history, the cinematic also double as a reveal for Hero 29; Ashe, leader of the Deadlock Rebels.

Overwatch Hero 30?

A badass new damage dealer with a lever-action repeating rifle, sawn-off shotgun, a stick of dynamite and her ultimate ability which calls upon B.O.B. her thuggish lieutenant. She’s somewhere between McCree, Soldier 76, Widowmaker and Junkrat.

Ashe combines a murderous wit and deadly arsenal in a nasty package. There’s no definite word on when Ashe goes live, but she is available on the PTR now.

I have no doubt she will a hugely popular choice and provide a new approach to team composition. Particularly busting open some of the three tank Meta with her dynamite, sawn-off and B.O.B. ultimate.

Perhaps most exciting was the reveal of what was in the payload on Route 66. At the end of the Reunion cinematic McCree places a small white chip onto whatever was inside the crate. Awakening something that greets him with a “Hey there, Cowboy.”

As McCree removes his hat, welcoming back this robot who he calls ‘partner’. Is this a sneak-peek at the next hero?

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The same way the Doomfist reveal brought us Orisa first, could this new mysterious new character be Hero 30? I got chills as McCree seems to share a deep affection for this new character, informing her that the ‘old band’ wants him… but needs her.

Blizzard continues to deliver amazing cinematics and paint beautiful pictures for a rich and deep lore for a game that is ‘just another team-based shooter’. Proving why they are perhaps the greatest games studio of all time.

Jamie Sherlock
Jamie Sherlock
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