Home News Warframe’s Fortuna expansion coming to PC this week

Warframe’s Fortuna expansion coming to PC this week

Warframe’s Fortuna expansion coming to PC this week

The wait is finally coming to an end. Digital Extremes has announced that the Warframe Fortuna Expansion will release this week on PC, and shortly after on consoles.

It generally takes around four weeks to launch on console from prior experience. While the wait felt like FOREVER, Fortuna was really only announced in June. For an update that’s going to provide as much content as is coming with Fortuna, that’s hardly any time at all.

Of course, during that time, there’s been plenty to see, from the initial announcement, through regular Devstreams and Virtual Walkthroughs, we’ve already seen most of what’s on offer. But let’s review, shall we?

Warframe Fortuna Release

  • New factions – Solaris United and the Vent kids
  • A new social hub – Fortuna
  • A new open world to explore – The Orb Vallis
  • A new mode of transportation – K-Drive hoverboards
  • Modular accessories – Kit guns and Moa companions
  • Wildlife conservation
  •  New enemies and new enemy types
  • A new warframe – Garuda
  • New weapons and accessories
  • New Operator Armor
  • A bunch of new mods
  • … and much MUCH more! 

All of this was announced with a new release trailer (below) and a post on the official website, which goes into a lot more detail on the above.

On top of all that? Merchandise.

Get hype, pre-order some merchandise, and lounge around in your fancy new Warframe t-shirt while you wait for Fortuna to drop (likely later in the week, for PC at least). We’ll let you know when it’ll release for consoles as soon as we find out. 

Note: this article was originally posted on Cephalon Squared. Reposted with permission.