The Simpsons Red Dead Redemption 2 Memes You Didn’t Know You Needed

Of all the things that could be said about The Simpsons, and there have been a lot, you can’t argue that it has an uncanny ability to remain firmly in the zeitgeist.

The recent resurgence of the 1996 Steamed Hams joke is a prime example of this. Thrust back into the limelight through the tireless efforts of self-proclaimed ‘Shit Posters’ and meme makers.

It’s an almost uniquely millennial take on our childhoods and while I’d love to pontificate on what it all means, really this is just an excuse to share some very silly content.

Simpsons Red Dead Redemption 2 Memes

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is an overlap between the makers of these Simpsons memes and, for lack of a better term, gamers. As a collective, there are few groups of people that are so rabidly nostalgic (and creative) than gamers so when given the chance to mesh together two great passions the results have been gloriously terrible.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the largest release in the gaming market this year and in the lead to, and consequent release, there has been an influx of Simpsons themed Red Dead Redemption 2 memes.

If I’ve had to see them on my timeline for the last few weeks then I figure why shouldn’t you get a taste? The absolute best one I’ve seen is this incredible video but the rest are just as enjoyable.

Below is a small collection from the wonderfully strange Facebook page Compuglobalhypermeganet

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