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Overwatch Pink Mercy, Changing the World, One Skin at a time

Overwatch Pink Mercy, Changing the World, One Skin at a time

Blizzard has excitedly revealed how the funds raised from the Pink Mercy donation drive are being allocated with the help of Text To Give for nonprofits. Blizzard has also taken the time to thank the Overwatch Community for their amazing outpouring of support.

Thanks to the generosity of the gaming community, Blizzard was able to raise $12.7 million USD for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). These funds are proving crucial in the BCRF’s push into advanced critical research, meaning that three crucial programs are able to continue and grow.

The BCRF in the interest of full transparency and appreciation towards the gaming community, the BCRF have released a breakdown of how the generous donations have been allocated.

How Pink Mercy Helped

BCRF Precision Prevention Initiative

BCRF will fuel innovative prevention research to reduce the incidence of breast cancer, including creating new tools and tests for improved screenings and diagnostics. Designed to advance the understanding of inherited risks and to conduct population-based risk assessment to help identify those most at risk before the disease takes hold.

BCRF Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium Award

The BCRF Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium Award, which is a direct result of the Pink Mercy donations, will be launching no less than five new clinical trials for what remains of 2018 and 2019.

The trials are made up of nearly two hundred investigators across nineteen medical institutions, the goal is to accelerate new treatments of patients with breast cancer.

25 Annual BCRF Research Grants

Donations from the Pink Mercy skin will also fund 25 research grants across seven different research fields. These grants are aimed squarely at diagnosis and treatment methods.

To see such a huge wave of support from a community that I’m firmly apart of, to know that my donation along with so many others is being put to such great use is a feeling I can’t really describe.

I think that Blizzard really captured the hearts of the community, with the addition of a unique skin and sprays it felt like a no-brainer to donate.

I would gladly see a new annual skin and donate every year if Blizzard chooses to do so, or embracing other charities across other Blizzard franchises.