CouchWarriors and Twitch team up for BAM path to EVO

CouchWarriors and Twitch have joined forces to create BAM path to EVO, “a qualifying path for ANZ fighting game esports players.” BAM path to EVO will take place over multiple events, both local and online and will be featured on the front page of Twitch.

The series will see players awarded points which will be tallied on a combined ladder and culminate in national championships at Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM).

The winners of the championships in Melbourne, in three games, will then qualify for the EVO World Championships 2019.

BAM Path to Evo

Events as part of BAM path to EVO will be held monthly at CouchWarriors, Ozhadou and Standing Fierce events. Those participating at these events will earn points across the three games included in the series;

  • Street Fighter V
  • Tekken 7
  • Super Smash Bros Wii U

Points earned and current standings will be displayed on the official BAM path to EVO website. The top point scorers at the conclusion of the series will have their travel to BAM11 paid for and have the chance to head to EVO World Championships in Las Vegas in 2019.

This partnership between CouchWarriors and Twitch began in May 2018 at BAM where three players headed to EVO to represent Australia. With BAM path to EVO, the partnership is offering more chances for players to qualify and head to the biggest fighting game esports event in the world.

The series kicks off in earnest this month with the very first event being held in Melbourne.

Alongside these local events, players will also be able to earn points each month in online tournaments. 

BAM path to EVO kicks off on October 20 in Melbourne. For more details head to the official website.

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