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(Warframe) Cephalon Squared Podcast, Episode 7: The Syndicates

(Warframe) Cephalon Squared Podcast, Episode 7: The Syndicates

Episode 7 of Cephalon Squared is available for your listening pleasure! Cephalon Squared, for those that may not be aware, is the best Warframe podcast made by two Australian guys pretending to be an Artificial Intelligence, no competition!

This week, we decided to do a special on the Syndicates – so we’ve taken a deep dive into all 6 of the competing Syndicates, along with an overview of the neutral Syndicates. We talk about what they are (first and foremost) and why you should care, among many other things!

More details:

News (lots of stuff for Xbox fans)!
We take a look at the Syndicates – lore, mods, and weapons!
Beginner’s tip: the neutral Syndicates!
Advanced tip: levelling multiple Syndicates!

A couple of links to things mentioned in the episode:

Xayl YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TanookiiTV

Octavia’s Anthem Web Comic:https://www.warframe.com/octavias-anthem

Steve Sinclair’s cryptic tweets:

And I think that’s everything! Keep an eye out for next week’s episode from Sunday evening AEST – we expect Digital Extremes to hold Devstream 116 this weekend, so there should be plenty of news to look forward to!