Strange Brigade Canopic Jars Locations Guide – Tunnels of Wadjet

Located in each level of Strange Brigade are four Canopic Jars. Players need to shoot each Jar to unlock the collectable.

The Canopic Jars are well hidden and there is no auditory or visual clue as to their locations.

Some are fairly easy to find, though some are a bit more tricky. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this Strange Brigade Canopic Jars Locations Guide – Tunnels of Wadjet. 

Strange Brigade Canopic Jars Locations Guide – Tunnels of Wadjet

Canopic Jar #1

The first Jar in the Tunnels of Wadjet is very sneakily hidden inside a wall. As you enter the first main room, head over to the left-hand wall and look for a hole. Through the hole, you’ll see the first Jar.

Canopic Jar #2

The second Jar is located above you in the cave where you fight the skeletons. Above the statue of the cobras is a hole in the ceiling. Look here for the Jar.

Canopic Jar #3

The third Jar is located in the large room where you fight an Elite and planet of fire breathers. The room has arrow traps and a puzzle door to the bottom right. The Jar is located above the far right doorway.

Canopic Jar #4

The final Jar is not far from the third. After you exit the room with the third Jar, go right and through the tunnel. After you get past the traps, before you drop down, look across at the ledge in front of you. The Jar is there on the left-hand side.

There you go. That’s our Strange Brigade Canopic Jars Guide.

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