Strange Brigade Canopic Jars Locations Guide – Hidden Valley

Located in each level of Strange Brigade are four Canopic Jars. Players need to shoot each Jar to unlock the collectable.

The Canopic Jars are well hidden and there is no auditory or visual clue as to their locations.

Some are fairly easy to find, though some are a bit more tricky. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this Strange Brigade Canopic Jars Locations Guide Hidden Valley. 

Strange Brigade Canopic Jars Locations Guide – Hidden Valley

Canopic Jar #1

The first Canopic Jar in Hidden Valley is located near the beginning of the level, just after you cross the first bridge after the Gem Laser. It is located on top of a pillar.

Canopic Jar #2

The second Canopic Jar is located high up on a pillar, just after the first big fight where you’re introduced to the teleporting enemies. As you’re walking through the gates, look up to see the Canopic Jar on a pillar.

Canopic Jar #3

After the cave with the scarab puzzle, as you head out to the right, on a pillar to the left is the third Jar. You can also shoot this Jar from the opposite side as seen in the image.

Canopic Jar #4

The final Canopic Jar in Hidden Valley is located above the entrance to the final room where the Soul Cage is located. Just before you head down the steps to enter the room, look above and you’ll see the Jar on the left, up above.

There you go. That’s our Strange Brigade Canopic Jars Guide.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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