The new Metro Exodus trailer will get your blood pumping

The brand-new Metro Exodus trailer out of Gamescom is sure to get you excited. Well, excited or terrified. Artyom has discovered a valley, thousands of kilometres from Moscow, filled with life and possibility.

However, after so long in the Metro, Artyom knows looks can be deceiving. The trailer quickly reveals just how dangerous a place this new home is. All manner of twisted and deformed animal live here, so too do other creatures. These creatures are waiting for you out in the dark.

Set in 2036, after Artyom and his band of Spartan Rangers flee the Metro, they set off across Russia to search for a place to start again.

Metro Exodus Trailer

Taking place across the span of an entire year, Metro Exodus will see players facing spring, summer, autumn and of course, nuclear winter. 

Artyom and his Spartan Rangers aren’t having to walk across Russia in their journey. Instead, they board the Aurora, a modified and reinforced steam locomotive which may prove to be their salvation.

Unlike previous Metro titles, Metro Exodus features massive, non-linear levels, a day/night cycle and improved replayability thanks to the outcomes of your decisions. 

Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 22, 2019, Metro Exodus will be available in a standard and special Aurora Limited Edition. The Aurora Special Edition includes an Expansion Pass, Steelbook and an Artbook.

Pre-orders are open now and physical pre-orders come with some special bonuses too.

  • Xbox One physical pre-orders include a copy of Metro 2033 Redux – the first game in the Metro saga, remastered for the Xbox One.
  • PlayStation 4 physical pre-orders include a stunning Dynamic Theme based on the Metro Exodus ‘Winter’ artwork.
  • PC physical pre-orders include a digital art book and the Metro Exodus OST. 

Metro Exodus launches February 22, 2019.

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