PUBG launches for Xbox One in early September

Microsoft announced today that PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds (PUBG) will finally exit early access next month on Xbox One. PUBG Xbox One will see a full release to version 1.0 with plenty of new content and fixes to be released.

Microsoft has worked closely with fans and players during the Xbox Game Preview phase of PUBG Xbox One and says “the Full Product Release marks the culmination of our efforts in Xbox Game Preview.”

PUBG first launched as an Xbox Game Preview nine-months ago and has been steadily improved and upgraded in that time. Now, it’s finally ready to see a full release.

PUBG Xbox One

As part of the release of PUBG on Xbox One, Microsoft has announced a few new features. PUBG on Xbox One will include the Sanhok map, War Mode and in-game currency.

Sanhok is a smaller, four by four map that encourages faster games that are far more intense and frenetic. The Sanhok map also includes a range of new weapons and vehicles and dynamic weather for the first time on Xbox One.

War Mode is battle-royale deathmatch. Players will drop into a static zone and earn points by killing enemies or reviving teammates. If a player is killed, they simply parachute back into the action. The first team to reach the score limit wins. 

Fans at Gamescom will be the first in the world to play War Mode on Xbox One.

Players will also now be able to purchase in-game currency so as to buy cosmetic items in PUBG on Xbox One. The in-game currency also allows players to purchase the Event Pass: Sanhok which adds missions, levels and a huge number of rewards.

Finally, all achievements earned in PUBG during the Xbox Game Preview will transfer over to version 1.0. Best of all, anyone who already owns PUBG on Xbox One, you’ll be upgraded to version 1.0.

As part of the launch celebrations of PUBG on Xbox One, the retail edition will include special Xbox branded clothing DLC; the Xbox #1.0 Set. Those who purchase digitally or already own the Game Preview version will be able to download the Xbox 1.0 Set on release day.

The special DLC clothing includes a white hoodie, pants and Xbox skinned parachute.

Finally, Microsoft has announced that a special PUBG Xbox One controller will be released on October 30. 

PUBG on Xbox One will see full release to version 1.0 on September 4.

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