Hearthstone Puzzle Labs is the best thing to happen to the game in ages

The single-player content for the Boomsday Project expansion, Hearthstone Puzzle Labs, is now live. For a limited time, when you log in to Hearthstone, you’ll receive three Boomsday Project card packs for free.

Puzzle Labs is a different take on the standard Hearthstone single player content. Instead of pitting players against a series of bosses or increasingly difficult battles, Puzzle Labs has them solving puzzles. 

These puzzles are split into four categories; Lethal, Mirror, Board Clear and Survival. Each puzzle gives players a selection of cards, some mana crystals and only one turn to meet the requirements.

And it’s brilliant.

Hearthstone Puzzle Labs

As a semi-regular Hearthstone player, I’ve grown somewhat tired of the Monster Hunt and Dungeon Run. They’re interesting and fun enough for a while, but they can also be a grind and a bit of a chore. Additionally, they don’t really move too far away from Hearthstone’s standard PvP format.

This is where Puzzle Labs shines. Sure, some of the puzzles require you to deal lethal damage, but it all happens in one turn. You need to look at the cards in your hand, your mana, the enemy’s health and minions and play the perfect combination of cards. 

In the beginning, each of the Puzzle Labs’ categories is pretty simple to complete. However, with over 100 puzzles on offer, as you progress things start tp get more and more difficult. Not in a frustrating way mind you, just in a cerebral way. A way that pushes you to figure out the solution and move onto the next puzzle.

The four categories are all very different from one another too, which greatly helps Puzzle Labs’ appeal and playability. The four categories have multiple levels of nine puzzles each. Once you get tired of a particular puzzle style, simply change to another. 

It’s a perfect solution to any Hearthstone fatigue and will certainly be a great way to take a break and get less tilted from Ranked matches that don’t go your way.

As of now, my favourite category is Mirror due to its creativity and simplicity. Basically, in Mirror puzzles you need to match the Boss’s board exactly. Often you’ll need to figure out how to play your own minions while healing the enemy’s and removing one or two in the process. 

A perfect sequence of cards needs to be played in most, if not all, cases and Blizzard has cleverly given you more cards then you need, but only enough mana to play the correct ones. This leads to lots of trial and error in the later stages, but thankfully, resetting a puzzle is as easy as clicking the end turn button. 

The puzzle resets instantly and you’re able to try again. It’s fast and gets you right back into the action without forcing you to wait or suffer through loading.

Puzzle Labs is easily one of the best things to come to Hearthstone in ages and is going to keep me engaged for a long time to come.

Hearthstone Puzzle Labs is now available.

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