Take a look at NBA 2K19’s new and improved MyTEAM

2K recently released the trailer for NBA 2K19’s MyTEAM mode. A staple of the series, MyTEAM is all new and improved in NBA 2K19.

The fantasy card collecting and team building mode has all-new cards, all-new features and more. In a blog post, Visual Concepts broke down the changes to MyTEAM and why it had put so much work into the mode.

The team here took a really hard look at MyTEAM following 2K18, to truly dissect what made it tick. In doing so, we identified a number of things that we could do a lot better. I’d like to be open and summarize those findings, along with how we are going to correct them in NBA 2K19.

So what else is new in NBA 2K19 MyTEAM?


When it comes to the cards you’ll earn and unlock in NBA 2K19 MyTEAM, Visual Concepts has streamlined the process. It’s also worked hard to make it more transparent. In the blog post, it was noted that in NBA 2K18, opening a Throwback pack didn’t guarantee a Throwback player. 

In NBA 2K19 MyTEAMthere’s now a Throwback option that guarantees a Throwback player in every pack.

Visual Concepts has also stated that the rate of content releases in NBA 2K18 was too slow and too sparse. This year, there will be more content and more “compelling content” which includes Amethyst cards from Day 1, Diamond cards available much earlier and a Pink Diamond card planned for September.

Aside from cards, new to NBA 2K19 MyTEAM is MyTEAM Unlimited. This is a brand new competitive mode that “allows you to bring your best lineup of 13 players to take on players from around the globe.”

Functioning like the Arena in HearthStone or Trials of the Nine in Destiny, MyTEAM Unlimited sees you trying to earn 12 wins before getting three losses.

The more wins, the more prizes you earn. If you manage to get a flawless win of 12-0 you’ll be awarded the player of the month card. These cards will only be available through MyTEAM Unlimited so only the best of the best will earn them.

Visual Concepts has also advised that anyone able to complete the Player of the Month collection will be awarded an ultra-rare Galaxy Opal Isiah Thomas card.

Finally, MyTEAM Unlimited will include Triple Threat which is a single-player or competitive online 3v3 mode. The aim of Triple Threat is to beat each of the NBA’s teams, one division at a time.

Before every game, you will have the ability to drop a ball to randomly determine which team you will play against.

If you beat the team the first time you play them, you will receive the MyTEAM Points bonus shown alongside the team logo (if there is one)!

Every time you complete a division, you will earn a select amount of Reward Tokens (shown in the center of the above screenshot). I’ll discuss more later what those are, and what you can do with them!

After you beat each of the six NBA divisions, you’ll be able to challenge the special seventh Triple Threat Board. This is an endless mode that will offer up the best prizes. The teams here will be made of the best of the best from each franchise such as a Lakers team made up of Shaq, Kobe and Magic Johnson.

For more info on NBA 2K19 MyTEAM Unlimited watch the trailer below and check out the blog post.

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