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V-Rally 4 Hillclimb and Rally disciplines unveiled

V-Rally 4 Hillclimb and Rally disciplines unveiled

V-Rally 4 is headed to PS4, Xbox One and Switch this year and its latest trailer is showing off two of the five racing disciplines in the game. V-Rally 4 Hillclimb and Rally racing join Extreme-Khana, V-Rally Cross and Buggy to round out the title.

These disciplines offer unique and interesting challenges for racing and rally fans. V-Rally 4 will provide fans with plenty of variety and when it launches, there should be something for everyone.

In the trailer, below, we get a quick look at both Rally and Hillclimb events. Both will challenge even the most dedicated racer.

V-Rally 4 Hillclimb and Rally

Those who choose to tackle the rally challenges will be facing the toughest the game has to offer. Taking place across Africa, Siberia and the American Desert, V-Rally 4’s Rally mode is as technical as it can get. Only experts need to apply.

As for V-Rally 4 Hillclimb challenges, fans will get into the driver’s seat of cars equipped with over 1,000 horsepower. These machines are all specifically designed for the challenges at hand and will see racers fighting to maintain control as they go up and up.

Not only are the challenges difficult, but the views are spectacular.

According to Bigben and Kylotonn;

Each discipline offers a unique and different driving experience. V-Rally 4 allows racing fans to put their skills to the test and learn new driving techniques. This versatility will be of great use in Career Mode, which lies at the heart of the game’s experience and will take drivers across the world.

V-Rally 4 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in September. The Switch release will be at a later date.