You Can’t Use Your Epic Account for Fortnite on Switch if you use it for PS4

The worst kept secret of E3 was revealed today. Fortnite is now available free to play on Switch and from the few matches I’ve played, it’s exactly the game you’ve played on other platforms.

I did, however, run into one small issue.

I play most games on PlayStation 4 and so created and associated my Epic Games Account with my PSN account. Because Sony doesn’t play well with others and won’t allow cross-platform play, if you have associated your Epic Games Account with your PSN account, you can’t use that account on Switch.

Fortnite Switch Epic Account

My original Epic Games Account is linked with PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Facebook and Twitch. We know that the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite allows cross-play between Xbox One, PC, Mac and mobile, so it’s obvious that it’s the link to PSN that’s causing the issue.

To play Fortnite on Switch, if you’re a PSN player, you’ll need to make a new account, which means losing all progress you’ve made. It also means you’ll need to purchase another Battle Pass if you’ve already purchased one.

It’s not a great look for Sony. When everyone else is happy to play together, but Sony refuses, it’s a bit hard to swallow. Hopefully, the pressure is on for them to step up and do the right thing.

Fortnite is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, Mac, Switch and Xbox One.

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