Gfinity Elite Series Australia had more than 500,000 views on its first weekend

Gfinity, Alienware and Twitch have had a massive weekend with the launch of the Gfinity Elite Series Australia. Taking place at the Hoyts Gfrinity Esports Australia Arena in Sydney, more than 500,000 views were recorded on Twitch in addition to all 240 seats in the arena filled.

The Gfinity Elite Series Australia’s first weekend was filled with massive moments and was a huge success, showing that the national esports competition is here to stay.

With over 500,000 views on Twitch, more than 2 million minutes of the broadcast were watched. Fans tuning in got to see all six city-based teams compete in CS: GO, Rocket League and Street Fighter V.

Rocket League’s matches were also broadcast on ONE by the Ten Network and will be screened every Saturday at 10 am. At its peak, viewer numbers on Twitch reached 5,000 during the CS: GO matches broadcast on Saturday.

During CS: GO’s first matches, the Brisbane Deceptors faced off against the Melbourne Order and did so with the first ever female esports playing in a national esports competition. Konii debuted for the Brisbane Deceptors in their debut win against Melbourne Order.

Finally, Street Fighter V proved popular with fans over the weekend with Melbourne Order’s ROF claiming victory and celebrating in raucous fashion.

The Gfinity Elite Series Australia is the first city-based national esports competition in Australia and will take place every weekend. It will be streaming on Twitch and Rocket League matches will be broadcast on ONE.

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