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Pokemon Let’s GO! will feature a new Pokemon

Pokemon Let’s GO! will feature a new Pokemon

Yesterday, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company officially announced Pokemon Let’s GO! Pikachu/Eevee. Taking inspiration from the classic Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon GOLet’s GO! is an all-new way to play.

It was also revealed that the next entry in the core Pokemon series will be released in 2019. 

Pokemon Let’s GO! is designed to bring back the feelings of those classic Pokemon games. It’s set in Kanto, it features the original 151 Pokemon and allows your Pokemon to follow behind. If you want to progress faster, you can purchase handmade Pokemon Go accounts as well, but make sure you check the authenticity of the site before purchasing it.

It was thought that only the first 151 Pokemon would be included, but today we’re learning that that’s not the case.

New Pokemon

At the very end of the trailer for Pokemon Let’s GO!, players are told to prepare for a special Pokemon. It’s now been revealed, by the Pokemon Company CEO and the Pokemon Twitter account, that this is a new Pokemon.

This new Pokemon is one that’s never been seen before and will make its debut in Pokemon Let’s GO!

No additional details about this new Pokemon have been revealed as yet, but it has been confirmed that the new Pokemon is entirely new and not just a new form of an existing Pokemon.

Given that there’s a Pokemon Let’s GO! Eeevee edition, an obvious suggestion as to the new Pokemon is a brand new evolution of Eevee. If that was the case, it would make a lot more sense to get the Eevee version over Pikachu’s.

Whatever this new Pokemon is, we’re going to have to wait to find out.