State of Decay 2 sees over one million players in the first two days

Microsoft is celebrating today, after announcing that in the first two days of release, State of Decay 2 had over one million players.

The player numbers don’t include those who had early access from the Ultimate Edition so it’s clear that State of Decay 2 is a popular game for Microsoft.

In the launch period, State of Decay 2 saw over six million combined play hours and 3.5 million broadcast hours across 41,000 streams.

State of Decay 2 Player Numbers

According to Microsoft’s data, players have been spending huge amounts of time in-game and achieved the following;

  • Over 675 million zombies,
  • Over 6 million firecrackers and fireworks thrown 
  • Over 6 million bags of snacks eaten
  • Over 2 million textbooks read
  • An average survival of about three days 

While the average survival time for State of Decay 2 players is only three days, there have been some players who have stayed alive for over one-month in game

State of Decay 2 is available now and is included in the Xbox Game Pass.

You can read my review here.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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