Report – Techland will announce Dying Light 2 at E3 2018

As with all rumours, take this one with a grain of salt. According to both current and former Techland employees and other independent sources, Dying Light 2 will be announced at E3.

It’s reported that Dying Light 2 has been in development for some time and that a ‘high-quality trailer’ is being prepared for E3 2018. This will likely follow Techland’s tradition of producing pre-rendered, dramatic story trailers that bear no resemblance with the finished product.

They are always really nice though.

Dying Light 2 E3 2018

Techland sources have also stated that Dying Light 2 will likely include a Battle Royale mode. With Battle Royale being a very hot property right now and Dying Light: Bad Blood in development, it makes perfect sense to include the mode in the sequel.

It’s also being reported that Dying Light 2’s reveal at E3 will include an announcement that Bad Blood is being delayed. The reasons for the delay have not confirmed, though sources claim it’s due to the same team working on both Bad Blood and continuing to support the first Dying Light.

In addition to the rumours of Dying Light 2’s appearance at E3, it’s also been reported that Techland is working on a second big title. However, fans are cautioned about getting their hopes up for Hellraid. Sources claim that Hellraid “was definitely erased” with the project cancelled some time ago.

It’s thought that it could be a follow-up to Call of Juarez, however, there have been no confirmations as to what the game actually is. 

There you have it. Another rumour in the lead-up to E3. 

As always, nothing is confirmed and so may turn out to be completely false. However, the source of the information is Techland itself, albeit by way of insiders leaking info they shouldn’t.

Are you keen for Dying Light 2?


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