More Persona on the way promises Producer Kazuhisa Wada

In the most recent issue of Dengeki PlayStation (via Ryokutya2089Persona Produce Kazuhisa Wada promised more games in the series, including more collaborations.

Wada is Producer of Persona games as well as the manager of P-Studio and told Dengkei;

  • Persona Q2 is being developed keenly
  • We are working on a mid-to-long-term plan for the series, including numbered titles so that players can constantly enjoy the Persona series by next year
  • We plan to actively participate in collaboration projects
  • Persona Dancing’s downloadable content will continue to get released until August. Free DLC will be distributed weekly 

Persona Future

The knowledge that Persona Q2 is currently in development will no doubt make fans of the series very happy. As will Wada’s statement that numbered titles for the series are being planned for.

When Wada says that players will enjoy the Persona series “by next year,” it’s doubtful that he’s talking about Persona 6. There was an eight-year gap between the release of Persona 4 and Persona 5 and with the development of spin-offs and subquels, Persona 6 is very likely a long, long way off.

Both Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night games are due for release. Wada’s statement that both games will receive free DLC weekly through to August means fans of these games will have plenty to play for the next few months.

It certainly seems as though the Persona series is here to stay for the long haul, which is sure to be happy news for fans.

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