Conan Exiles Review

Conan Exiles has been floating around in the world of early access since 2017. It has seemingly done rather well as I started to see much more coverage from players. Conan Exiles is a shining example to show people games can get out of early access limbo.

I hadn’t played any early access but I had seen a lot of content via Twitch and YouTube. So when the opportunity came around to play the full release on PS4 I thought, ‘why not?’

To be honest I actually expected the game to be more broken than it is. This is a good thing. There are still some areas that need work but it was easy to look past most of the issues. It runs fine for the most part but even on a PS4 Pro, it dropped a few frames.

Conan Exiles Review

There was also the occasional texture pop-in too. Nothing game breaking but definitely noticeable. I was expecting these sorts of issues from a game of this scale on console anyway. In the end, I really started to look past any issues and appreciate the game that Funcom created.

Aside from those minor issues the only other thing I could fault it on was the fact I had to use a controller. Building and item management is a large part of the game. It’s not a fault of the developer but more of the limitations of the hardware. I just found it to be a tad tedious at times but Funcom did the best with what it had to work with.

In saying that the combat actually felt pretty good. I found I never really struggled with the combat at all. The only thing that made it difficult was the connection of other players when in PvP.

To hear the lamentations of their women

The main premise of Conan Exiles is survival. You start out in the desert, butt naked, weaponless and crucified.

I mean actually crucified, to a cross and all.

Then along comes the man himself, Conan the mother flippin Barbarian. In typical survival game fashion, you need to start by making basic tools to help. Conan Exiles does a good job of easing you into the crafting and building. By the time you can unlock new equipment and new structures you’ll be fairly familiar with it all. The rest is up to you as you go.

The way you play will depend on what mode you select. You can play offline against the game itself and AI, which can also be done in co-op. Otherwise, the main focus is the online play. I really like Funcom’s decision to separate PvP and PvE.

It allows people to experience both sides of online play but on their own terms. There’s nothing worse than playing a game like this and getting killed every two minutes as you’re trying to learn the basic mechanics. I found the people in PvE to be mostly nice and helpful. PVP on the other hand is like playing the game on nightmare mode.

The Old Dong Slider

There’s also plenty to discover and a deeper part to the game. You won’t experience it until you have put in the time though. Scattered throughout the map are dungeons and locations that offer that little bit more content. As you level up and can explore the game really starts to open up itself.

If there is one thing to say about Conan Exiles is that it is, in my opinion, the best entry level survival game you can play. If you have been interested in trying a survival game I would recommend trying this first. Not really one for the kids since there is a ton of penis.

Yes, you heard me, floppy penis everywhere. When you create your character you have the opportunity to modify the size of your characters private parts. Both male and female characters can be modified with the old dong and boob slider.

At least that is how I refer to it.

Well worth a look if you like survival games. As previously mentioned if you’re new to the genre and want to try it out. Conan Exiles is the game you want to try first. 

Conan Exiles was reviewed on PS4 using a digital code provided by the publisher.

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