Bethesda continues to tease Prey Moon DLC

Bethesda is steadily ramping up its teasers for some sort of Prey Moon DLC as a short gif has now been discovered.

Bethesda began teasing something related to both Prey and the Moon on Twitter back in March and has continued to do so ever since. Following the Twitter tease, new achievements appeared on Steam for Prey which each contained one word. 

The single words for each achievement were lyrics to R.E.M. ‘Man on the Moon.’ While the lyrics don’t have much to do with the Moon or space in general, they are still a hint at something involving the Moon related to Prey.

As for the most recent tease, here’s where things get tricky. In a post on the NASA subreddit which was showing an image of both the Earth and Moon from the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, a comment in binary was posted by user KasmaCorp. The comment leads to the GIF below.

It seems likely that KasmaCorp is an account run by Bethesda/Arkane as some Reddit digging has found. KasmaCorp has also made a habit of posting comments in binary on posts related to Prey.

Interestingly, the post by KasmaCorp which lead to the GIF was made on May 18, which is the anniversary of the Apollo 10 launch date. It’s speculated another teaser may occur on May 22, the date Apollo 10 achieved lunar orbit.

Bethesda has been releasing DLC for most games lately, including standalone DLC for Dishonored 2.

In any case, keep your eyes peeled.

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