Microsoft announces the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Xbox Adaptive controller. Designed in partnership with The AbleGamers Charity, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation, SpecialEffect, Warfighter Engaged, Craig Hospital and lots of gamers, the Xbox Adaptive Controller aims to make gaming more accessible. 

Using standard controllers, pressing triggers, rapidly pressing buttons or even holding buttons down can be a challenge for some gamers and alternatives are usually expensive, if they exist at all.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller has been designed to work with a wide array of peripherals and is completely customisable through the Xbox Accessories app. Microsoft and Xbox’s commitment to accessibility has lead to the Xbox Adaptive Controller and will, in turn, lead to many more people being able to enjoy the pastime we all love.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is fully plug-and-play so that gamers can create a control setup that works for them, quickly and easily. 

Solomon Romney is an employee at the Microsoft Store in Salt Lake City Utah and was born without fingers on his left hand. He’s been playing with the Xbox Adaptive controller for a few months and has only good things to say about it.

I can customize how I interface with the Xbox Adaptive Controller to whatever I want.

If I want to play a game entirely with my feet, I can. I can make the controls fit my body, my desires, and I can change them anytime I want.

You plug in whatever you want and go. It takes virtually no time to set it up and use it. It could not be simpler.

I get to redesign my controller every day and get to choose how I want to play, Romney said. For me, that’s the greatest thing ever.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller will retail for $99 USD and will be available to pre-order soon. You can learn more about the creation of the controller here

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