Check out these brand-new Rage 2 screenshots

In addition to the live-action and gameplay trailers, Bethesda has also released Rage 2 screenshots. The Rage 2 screenshots were accompanied by the gameplay trailer.

These Rage 2 screenshots show some of the open-world we’ll get to explore in-game as well as some of the features including shooting and driving.

We’re also introduced to a number of characters and enemy types via the screenshots including;

  • Kvasir
  • the Crusher
  • an Abadon; and
  • Riverhog

Antonin Kvasir makes a return from Rage where he helped the Resistance by creating weapons. he previously worked for the Authority.

The Crusher looks to be a giant mutant troll while the Abadon is a smaller, deformed gang member. The Rage 2 screenshots also show the visual quality of the game with a sunset and a look at the open-world.

Take a look at the screenshots below.

Rage 2 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.

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