Play Mario Tennis Aces early with the free multiplayer demo

Nintendo has announced today that it will give players a chance to play a Mario Tennis Aces demo ahead of the game’s release. The Mario Tennis Aces demo will be multiplayer and include online functionality.

Mario Tenis Aces’ demo will allow players to take part in an online-tournament and will be available from June 2 through June 4. Four characters will be playable initially with five additional characters able to be unlocked throughout the event.

The Mario Tennis Aces demo will also include a single-player component that will allow players to test their skills against AI controlled opponents.

Nintendo first announced the online tournament during a Nintendo Direct earlier this year.

Mario Tennis Aces demo

The four characters available in the demo are Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser. This selection of characters gives players access to the All-Around, Technical, Speedster and Powerful character types

It’s unknown what the five unlockable characters will be, but it’s likely they’ll be from the Defensive and Trickster types. 

While playing, whether against AI opponents or as part of the online tournament, players will be able to work towards unlocking a special costume for Mario.

The demo will be available on the Switch eShop and Mario Tennis Aces demo will run between June 2 at 12 am AEST through to June 4 at 9 am AEST.

Mario Tennis Aces launches for Switch on June 22. 

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