GTA Online adds the all-new adversary mode, Trap Door

Rockstar has today announced the new Adversary Mode coming to GTA Online, Trap Door.

Trap Door sees two teams battling each other on a shrinking platform high above the Pacific Ocean. Both teams will have access to an arsenal of weaponry which is located all over the map for them find.

Once you’ve been killed in Trap Door, you’ll be teleported to the Red Zone. The Red Zone is a very short-lived purgatory which gives players a few seconds to escape back to the mainland before the Trap Door is opened and they fall to their death.

Trap Door sounds like a spin on the Battle Royale format, but with added GTA Online mechanics and combat.

GTA Online Trap Door

The last team standing on the platform is the winner and will walk away with the goods. To play GTA Online Trap Door, simply head to one of the floating platforms where you’ll be able to take part.

Even better is that playing GTA Online Trap Door gives you double GTA$ and RP. The double GTA$ and RP will be active until May 21.

In addition to the double GTA$ and RP from Trap Door, players will be able to earn both on Biker Business Sell Missions and Double GTA$ on Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions. These bonuses will remain in effect until May 21 as well.

Last week, GTA Online held the Business Week GTA$ giveaway and those who participated will see the cash hit their Maze Bank accounts today. Rockstar is hoping players will use this new found wealth on discounted vehicles, weapons and more.

The discounts that have come into effect can be found below.

For more info on GTA Online head to the Rockstar Social Club.

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