Objects in Space enters early access in June

Sydney-based Flat Earth Games’ upcoming title Objects in Space is headed to early access on Mac & PC this June.

Objects in Space will also be available in early access for Linux later in 2018. Objects in Space is a PAX Australia Indie Showcase winner and alt.ctrl GDC finalist and will enter closed beta in May.

To be a part of the Objects in Space beta head to the sign-up website.

Objects in Space is an open-world stealth game where players fly starships modelled on Cold War submarines.

Objects in Space

Objects in Space takes place in the Apollo star cluster, far from Earth and is a new home for the human race. With no contact with Earth for over 50-years players will take control of their very own starship and explore the Apollo cluster taking on a variety of missions, contracts and more.

Co-founder of Flat Earth Games Leigh Harris describes Objects in Space as a meeting on 90’s and modern open-world gaming sensibilities.

This is a 90s-style space game but with the huge expectations of a contemporary open-world game.

It was designed around a central narrative but without a hero’s journey, so players can treat it as a sandbox and play with the game’s intricate economies or explore and find stories and characters to engage with.

Elissa Harris, Flat Earth Games’ other Co-founder calls Objects in Space a tense experience, but one that players can play their own way.

Players who want to avoid combat altogether can pay attention to pirate notices and avoid it, while those who like tense combat challenges can seek it out via bounty hunting contracts and more.

Hard Sci-fi for Sci-Fi fans

According to Flat Earth Games and publisher 505 Games, Objects in Space features a huge open-world filled with NPCs and over 50 companies to gain employment from.

The economy in Objects in Space is based on the contracts that players can carry out which involve trading, exploration, piracy and bounty hunting. The open-world exists within its own timeline which makes certain quests and occurrences only available for brief periods. 

Each time a player plays through Objects in Space they can expect a different experience based on the choices they make and the missions they complete.

Objects in Space is coming to early access for Mac and PC on June 21 and later in 2018 for Linux.

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