Treasure and Nicalis are launching Ikaruga Switch in May

Developer Treasure and publisher Nicalis have announced Ikaruga Switch launching this May. Ikaruga on Switch will include the original classic game and will be playable both horizontally and vertically.

Ikaruga was originally released in 2001 on Dreamcast, Gamecube and the Arcade. Treasure is best known for the SHMUPs and is the developer of Radiant Silvergun, Gunstar Heroes and Guardian Heroes.

Ikaruga was widely praised on release and has achieved cult status in the years since. The release of Ikaruga Switch gives a whole new generation of fans experience the intense “elegant and fluid gameplay.”

Ikaruga Switch – Coming this May

Ikaruga was best known for its polarity-based gameplay. Players are able to switch between two polarities — Black and White — and absorb enemy shots of the same colour. 

As you absorb enemy shots, you can charge your laser up by 10 times, hugely increasing the damage you can output. You’ll need to be careful though, a single shot of the opposite colour will totally destroy your ship.

If you manage to hit a ship of the opposite polarity you’ll do double damage. Switching polarities can be done at the press of a button and gives Ikaruga an element of puzzle-solving in addition to the white-knuckle, bullet hell action.

Ikaruga is also known for its vertical scrolling, which was made available with borders in other versions. With Ikaruga Switch, players can play horizontally or vertically, like it was meant to be.

Ikaruga features five stages “each jam-packed with fantastic 3D visuals, challenging obstacles and epic boss encounters, plus a second player can join in for local co-op thrills.” It also features two distinct modes; Arcade and Prototype. 

Prototype mode limits your ships ammo to only that which you absorb. There are three difficulty settings and a chapter select.

Ikaruga Switch will be available on May 29, 2018, for $14.99 USD.

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