Firewall Zero Hour classified MA15+ in Australia, release date announcement may be incoming

Firewall Zero Hour is a VR first person shooter from ROM: Extraction developer; First Contact Entertainment. At the time of writing, the Firewall Zero Hour release date has not yet been announced, but the game has just been classified in Australia.

The Australian Classification Board gave Firewall Zero Hour an MA15+ rating. Does this mean a release date announcement is incoming? I think so.

The Firewall Zero Hour release date is likely coming up soon as games that are classified in Australia are usually released a couple of months later at the most.

Firewall Zero Hour Release Date

Firewall Zero Hour was announced in December 2017, just prior to PlayStation Experience, where it was playable. A first-person shooter, Firewall Zero Hour focuses cooperation and tactics. It’s a game that wears it’s inspiration on its sleeve and clearly it was inspired by games like Rainbow 6 Siege.

There’s a flimsy story to go along with the competitive action in Firewall Zero Hour, but it basically boils down to one team trying to capture a point and the other trying to defend it. 

According to First Contact Entertainment, matches are played as follows;

  • As Attackers, your team’s objectives are: Bypass the Firewall access points, Locate the Laptop and Initiate the Hack.
  • As Defenders, your team’s objectives are: Secure the Firewall access points, Protect the Laptop and Prevent the Hack.

Just like Rainbow Six Siege, players can use different ‘contractors’ who have a variety of offensive and defensive weapons, tech and skills. Playing matches rewards players with cryptocurrency which can be spent to “upgrade contractors, weapons, equipment, load-outs and cosmetic customisation.”

Rainbow Six Siege in VR

First Contact Entertainment has stressed that Firewall Zero Hour has been designed with a focus on tight, team-based firefights. Winning matches is going to require coordination, communication and teamwork.

However, these things don’t come at the expense of gunplay and the main aim of Firewall Zero Hour is to create an “intense and visceral” shooting experience. Layers of tension have been included in each match of Firewall Zero Hour.

Defending your objective is designed to be as tense as possible. Adam Orth Creative Strategist, First Contact Entertainment says that the visuals in Firewall Zero Hour help to create that tension.

The drama of hacking into a shortcut to your objective or a dark passage illuminated solely by your flashlight is heightened by super-realistic environments and dynamic shadows that bring moments like these to life in truly unique ways

Most of all, it’s the PSVR that truly helps transport the player into this game. 

Aside from the hands-on at PlayStation Experience, other media have played Firewall Zero Hour at events and it has received a generally enthusiastic response. However, it still hasn’t received a release date. The classification of the game is the best sign yet that Firewall Zero Hour is nearing its release date.

The MA15+ rating for Firewall Zero Hour was given due to  Strong themes, violence and drug references, online interactivity. Interestingly, alongside themes, violence and drugs there is apparently mild impact sex in the game. 

Could this be part of the single-player content? I’m not sure, but it’s a bit of an oddity in a multiplayer shooter.

For now, the Firewall Zero Hour release date remains unknown, but we’ll keep you updated.

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